#Phubbing – how did we get here?

Why is it that we cannot even contain ourselves in restaurants or bars, on the dinner table, while walking and sadly while driving?

We need constant reminders –  to stop phubbing all the time!

Via funnysigns.net
Via funnysigns.net

What is it exactly that we’re busy with that could be far more important than interacting with the person next to you?

Or are we intentionally avoiding each other – being anti-social?

The idea of life without a smartphone is bleak, isn’t it?

If you were stuck on a dessert, which one would you choose: Water vs Cellphone? Be honest…


With all the technological advances and development of phones, we have applications that enable us to get through life with ease and convenience e.g. mobile banking apps.

Our point is everything is easily accessible through cellphones, so why only interact with 2 or 3 people when there are new and exciting things happening literally every second around the world?

We are guilty as sin – twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Instagram are our daily bread.

We can’t wait to feed off the tiniest of breads crumbs we come across on these platforms.

It’s an information hub that delivers the latest news as it happens, which also enables people to create “an illusion of their choosing” (being anyone you want to be), because ultimately any post that you publish is a reflection of who you are.

It begs the question “what were we doing before social media?” – playing outside, walks in the park, reading books, writing poetry…definitely more human intervention and interaction.

It’s a disease – an addiction, and that is why 23-year-old Australian graduate student Alex Haigh in Australia started the “Stop Phubbing campaign.”

She identified the “lack of human interaction” in public and how fixed our attention would be on our phones instead.

Thank you Alex for the Wake-up call!


Phubbing has also proved to be harmful to the environment, smartphones can also create a significant carbon footprint, as they are said to consume far more energy than most people realise.

Read more at http://bit.ly/PhubbingImpact

Let’s face it – at least once in your life you have been phubbed or are a phubber, and this is why we are sold on the Anti-Phubbing campaign!

This is what Phubbing looks like:


Even in church, before the “I DO’s”


We need to learn to breathe, pause and LIVE in the moment.

Take a look around us and appreciate the simple things and precious warm bodies that surround us.

Embrace the idea of the ability to experience human interaction in the places that we do…then maybe we will change, learn something valuable and Phub LESS. #StopPhubbing

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