A personalised message from #GoogleDoodle put a cherry on my birthday cake

My birthday on the 28th of July started with a chocolate cake, a secrete wish, blowing of candles and presents from my loving family, and I also received lots of messages from my Facebook friends. 

All of this made me feel really very special, and I busked in it throughout the day.

When opened a Google search page and saw a birthday Google Doodle towards the end of my birthday, I thought it was improbable that this was for me. 

But I was curious about the coincidence, so I moused over the Doodle to check who this person is that I should be honoured to share a birthday with.

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Google Doodle Birthday wish – Bra Willy (2013)

To my pleasant surprise, the Doodle birthday message was for me! This took the special feeling I had throughout the day to a whole new level.

Then I wondered about my conflicted view relating to Google knowing everything about my life and my online habits – I am always logged into Google as I use a lot of their products including Google Apps. 

Admittedly, being recognised on my birthday through a “personalised” Doodle left me not minding at all – if only this time around.

What is your view about Google tracking your every online move? Will a personalised Google Doodle on a special day make up for what could amount to intrusion?


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