Does Arthur Mafokate hurt BrandSA’s social media reputation?

As part of our environ-scan, it came to our attention that Arthur Mafokate – founder of music record label 999 and a trustee at BrandSA – has been accused of assaulting his girlfriend at the beginning of this month. You can read more about the allegation here. The purpose of this blog is not the exploration […]

The impact of weakening ZAR is devastating for digital marketing companies


I am not sure if this is an open letter to President Jacob Zuma, the Treasury and the ANC at large. While I am not writing this blog with that in mind, maybe this shoe fits. The current state of economic affairs is woeful for eNitiate’s business – an eight-year old digital marketing and insights […]

Confirmed: Kaizer Chiefs are BIG on social media

The inspiration for this post I usually spend my Sunday early mornings listening to Ashraf Garda‘s Mediashow on SAFM, South Africa’s second-largest talk radio. Sunday 9/11 was no different, and as luck would have it, the first interview on the show inspired this post. Ashraf interviewed Alpheus Maphosa – the Corporate Communications Manager for Kaizer Chiefs – about […]

Telling The #DEMOAfrica 2016 Story – In Tweet Numbers

#DEMOAfrica 2016 Conference – a platform for worthy startups seeking to attract funders and partners as part of taking their businesses to the next level – was successfully hosted by the City of Johannesburg from the 25th to the 26th of August 2016. [highlight] TWEET THIS [/highlight] This conference has grown from strength to strength since […]

Why digital agencies must treat their own brands as clients

This is the first of a 2-part blog series. In this post I make a case for the importance of healthy online brands for digital agencies.   Source of inspiration for this blog post Here is a Facebook post that inspired the idea for this 2-part blog series.   Sandy’s post was published on a Facebook group […]

How to make money digitally

As we sat down to discuss the theme for the month of March at eNitiate, we agreed to it being Human Rights month as we celebrate human rights on the 21st of the month in honour of Sharpeville massacre that took place in 1960. I found it fitting that I explore one of the fundamental […]