Brand South Africa In Numbers – Part 4

In this blog I ask: is Brand South Africa using appropriate hashtags and effectively to amplify the Play Your Part initiative? 

Brand South Africa In Numbers – Part 2

Social Media Analytics: Brand South Africa vs Brand Kenya

Brand South Africa In Numbers – Part 1

Brand South Africa has been on my mind lately. What with all the events from sport (Caster Semenya), business (Steinnhoff) to politics (looming national elections), and everything in between that affects the mood about the country both internally and globally? So, I did what comes naturally and crunched the numbers to gauge the online strength […]

5 Reasons Why Your Instagram Account Is at a Stand-Still


Instagram is a great platform for any company to grow digitally. This platform gives brands the opportunity to grow and also be known, but, due to Instagrams new algorithms, this has become a bit more challenging for “instagramers”. If your Instagram account is not growing, there may be some reasons for this. IG is a […]

The new craze – Influencer Marketing

  Influencer marketing is the new thing in the marketing world, this type of marketing has become popular because most consumers continue to skip or block ads when online. Influencer Marketing is the type of marketing where marketers don’t communicate directly to their target audience but you get key leaders on social media known as […]

The Importance of analyzing data from social media platforms


The importance of social media data Tracking data is essential for helping you get better information from your social media campaigns, If you don’t track data, you will be wasting time on hits or miss type campaigns. Social media analytics is often the difference between success and failure for obtaining the results you want. Analysing […]