7 key insights about eNitiate Web stats you can learn from

eNitiate Web stats | Feature Banner | Nov 2019

Those of you who follow both myself and the eNitiate brand online will know that this is our 11th year and 1st month in the digital marketing and communications business. We call this new year the #12thGear. Appropriate. Isn’t it? As our homepage says, we have been around. On this note, we came into the […]

What we can learn about Africa from the Digital 2019 report

Here are the links to Digital 2019 report links of the top 7 countries used in this blog: Region Countries North Africa Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia Southern Africa South Africa West Africa Nigeria East Africa Kenya Any thoughts related to the findings above? Leave your comment here below. Here are the links to Digital 2019 […]

“O jewa ke eng?” – the tweet that broke Twitter norms

I first learnt about the “O jewa ke eng?” tweet when I saw the one by @gogetthatstrap asking about it . See the date when the tweet above was published? Being the self-proclaimed Datapreneur, this got my attention. I checked out the original tweet, … and found that it was published in January 2019. He […]

How do Digital agencies use data scientist to invest themselves given the current economic status?


Data Analysis is important to Digital agencies in ensuring the success of companies. All the companies have to make decisions in order to carry out their business profitably, which in this decision can only be made after they have analyzed the data from that company for using data to enhance the customer journey by analysing […]


Our Work COMMUNICATIONS STRATEGY: We have always applied the following robust process in coming up with digital marketing solutions for all our clients: 1. Conduct a comprehensive online strength analysis 2. Extract key insights and determine best approach 3. Plan and implement 4. Measure and review From 2019, we started to clearly distinguish communication strategy […]

South African National Elections in Numbers – Part 1

As at today, the 8th of April 2019, we are exactly 1 month away from South African national elections on the 8th of May 2019.