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We are the Pan-African data-driven digital marketing and industry insights development company that has been in operation for more than 13 years.


We assist medium to large companies to effectively develop and leverage their digital footprint to achieve brand goals, premised on our unique ability to provide content solutions that count.



The digital marketing value chain is vast, and keeps expanding and changing all the time, as a result of the ever-advancing digital technologies that influence online media consumption behaviours.

This warrants ongoing assessment of our data-driven digital content solutions, as we get rid of redundancies, update current services, and add new services; in line with anticipated future digital communication trends. 

Updated eNitiate digital content services:

In a nutshell:

eNitiate | Performance Marketing | Digital Content Marketing Services | 26 Oct 2020

You can read about each eNitiate digital content service by tapping on it here below:

Data Insights

Never before has there been such abundance of DATA, not only about a BRAND, but also its COMPETITORS and its CATEGORY - all of which can be ACCESSED and leveraged. 

This is the era for INSIGHTS-led competition.  

Data insights are at the core of our PERFORMANCE MARKETING approach. 

Communication Strategies

The times have changed.

The biggest advantage of the digital communication channel is the ability to MEASURE the results of implemented strategies versus expectations more effectively. 

All effective digital communication strategies must incorporate ONLINE CONSUMER PROFILING, identification of key output and input METRICS, and bedding down of performance TARGETS, all aligned with a brand's COMMUNICATION OBJECTIVES

Content Marketing

Ever-changing market TRENDS must guide content marketing efforts for all brands.

The one constant is that VISUAL content is more memorable.

VIDEO is currently the most engaging type of content, and yet the most challenging to produce.

CURATION of user content has become the accepted norm.


Competition for CONSUMERS who purchase online starts with DISCOVERY of a brands' owned platforms, HIGH LOADING SPEEDS of the platforms on preferred devices, and POSITIVE NAVIGATIONAL EXPERIENCE

Search engine optimisation plays a direct role in the ability of online platforms to attract the right consumers, and to get them [consumers] to navigate their way to the desired CALL-TO-ACTION.

Community Development

The difference between the TRADITIONAL and ONLINE consumer journey models is COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT.

New media channels provide INSTANT FEEDBACK LOOPS, which enhance opportunities for turning consumers into ADVOCATES.

Brands looking to earn free positive mentions and reviews, repeat sales and peer referrals; need to build ONLINE COMMUNITIES, and limit "one-night stands" that can be potential PR disasters.

We offer 2 execution options:

eNitiate | Outsourced Digital Marketing Services | 2020

Out-sourced digital
marketing services

Customised training of in-house
digital marketing resources

Want to find out more about how we execute our digital content services for brands?

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This initiative was launched in April of 2022, with the aim of demonstrating that Mzansi has rich digital data that can be turned into new gold.

Click here to read more about Digital South Africa Today Report 2022.

The long-awaited #DMSAA2020 Report is out, and we are excited that we have reached this milestone.

eNitiate | Digital Content | Social Media | Digital Skills in Africa Audit Report 2020|

We are confident that you will find the findings and insights worth a read.

The need for South African businesses to add digital literacy and adoption in their success metrics has come earlier than we thought, thanks to COVID-19.

eNitiate | Digital Content | Digital Literacy & Adoption Programme | July-2020

We offer an intense 25-hour, 5-week programme to ensure your Marketing and Communications team is up to the task.

Are you battling to select appropriate metrics to measure the performance of your social media marketing?

We have the perfect solution for you, and it is called the 1+4 Metric Matrix.

eNitiate | Performance Marketing | Digital Content | Social Media | 1+4 Metric Matrix | eBook | 12 Oct 2020

We developed the free ebook for easy reference.



Sharing of digital content thoughts, trends and predictions is a key part of eNitiate culture. 

It is also a demonstration of our knowledge and expertise.

We invite you to check out the latest 2 eNsights in this section.

We invite you to check out this latest eNsight


We have packaged a selection of 5 case studies showcasing digital content services we delivered for our past and current clients.

We also added a selection of our passion projects – that is industry and related events we participate in to continually sharpen our iron.

Feel free to click on any of the case studies, which can be downloaded. 

We have packaged a selection of 5 case studies showcasing digital marketing services we delivered for our past and current clients.

Tap to view each case study.

All the case studies can be downloaded. 

The 6th tap showcases a sample of our passion initiatives to date.

Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) Southern Africa

YALI Southern Africa

National Department of Health (NDOH) South Africa

Global Entrepreneurship Congress (GEC) 2017

Global Entrepreneurship Congress 2017

Mercantile Bank SA

Mercantile Bank

Africities Conference 2015

Africities 2015

Passion Initiatives


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