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What does #earthhour mean to the average netizen?

Is the Earth Hour a waste of time as a crowdsourcing initiative? Or can something be done to increase its appeal to the average netizen? Comparison with other events that became hits on Twitter and other social networks indicates there is hope. ...

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2012 State of the Nation Address (#SONA) had a gr8 theme, but that’s where the first part of it ended

When I heard that the theme for the 2012 SONA is "The Knowledge Economy and Development Opportunities", I was naturally excited by the first part thereof. Suffice to say I was highly disappointed when the moment of truth arrived at 19H00 (South African time) on...

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How will digital freedom transform businesses in South Africa?

Over the past years with the preamble of social networks to be specific Facebook, I witnessed that more persons were becoming responsive to social networks, yet not fully aware of how Digital/Social media can breed both pessimistic and optimistic feedback to help them enhance their...

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