The #OscarTrial will test maturity of social media in South Africa

Like all the other online analytics practitioners in South Africa and abroad, we at eNitiate are tracking the #OscarTrial with great interest. The debate has been whether we should be “the first ones” to publish an analytics post on the trial, now in its 4th straight day, or if we should wait a while and do this later, given that there are 100 witnesses to give evidence still at the time of publishing this post. There is a point in waiting, we thought. However, the other point of view is that social netizens’ interest in this case of global proportions is going to wane some time soon as it drags on, and other interesting topics pop up. So, we have decided to take the middle road, and that is post something. We predict that the #OscarTrial, billed as the first case of mega proportions to be reported in full, blow by blow, on social media in South Africa, is going to prove that new media have come of age in Mzansi. We shall wait for this prediction to be confirmed in due course.

On a closing note, for now, here are 2 snippets worth sharing:

Clearly, not everyone is enthused by the Oscar trial hype, not least Professor Steven Friedman as shown by his recent Facebook post on the subject.

<img src="Oscar-Trial-Twitter-Mention-Sources-March-2014.png" alt="Oscar Trial - Twitter Mention Sources, March 2014">

Click on the pie chart to enlarge it. The image shows devices social netizens have been using to engage on Twitter about the #OscarTrial. Notice that Blackberry is still the preferred tweeting device, followed by usage of desktops. A post with more detailed analytics will follow in good time.



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