Online success of TED Global 2017 Tanzania – told using online analytics

TED, a brand that prides itself for sharing ideas worth spreading, came to Africa for the second time in 10 years!

In both 2007 and this year, Tanzania provided the stage for the continent’s best minds to contribute meaningfully to the a-typical narrative about her.

We could not pass up the opportunity to contribute in the success of #TEDGlobal2017, as a self-confessed Pan-African digital content marketing company.

The tweets below indicate how we went about it.

Table of Contents

The road to #TEDGlobal2017

The road to #TEDGlobal2017 started with the search for speakers from around Africa in February of 2017.

We attended the Lagos leg of the search and amplified it on social networks.

Tracking of #TEDGlobal2017

It was in late August when our trip to Arusha was confirmed, and we activated social media tracking of the event accordingly.

Pre-event Twitter analytics

And the countdown to the event was on.

Our contribution during the event

We kept up the amplification pace, supported by the social media tracking, throughout the 4-day #TEDGlobal2017 duration. 

Post-event Twitter analytics

And yes, we performed a review of the event’s social media performance, and our contribution.

What Africa can do to encourage opening of more platforms to tell her own stories

All we can say is that it starts with us, as Africans, telling our own stories on all the online platforms. 

This is the reason why we at eNitiate made every effort to be part of #TEDGlobal2017 from the Lagos leg in early February of this year, culminating in attending the event itself at the end of August in Aursha, and the publishing of this blog.

The more Africans we have joining in this own story-telling movement, the more the world will take notice.

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