Next Mother’s Day…..Get me Moley!

 Mothers are forced to juggle between roles! Most mothers in 2017 would attest to the fact that the perpetual balancing act of being:

🍳 An astute business woman or home executive;

🍳 A loving (and supportive) wife;


🍳 An intelligent Mom who can build a water tank for a tech project; 


🍳 And a  cool mom who can take their teens to see the Justin Bieber Purpose World Tour…….is HARD work.


And did I mention that this is all in the same day! Cooking. Then there is the dreaded question of Cooking. What do I feed my clan for dinner tonight? Nutritiously so,  in record time and most importantly within budget. That’s an all-round savvy Mom……right? Right.

 Food and Technology in 2017

My Go to is ALWAYS –  If I am out of IDEAS……….. Cooking APPS.

For purposes of this Blog, I will NOT mention my favourite APPS but I will focus on cross-cutting attributes that make ME repeat visit a cooking APP.   Here it goes……..

The APP must:

🍪 Help me reduce my cooking time

🍪 Indicate both health and nutritional value of the meal

🍪 Allow me to save the recipes – if I want to repeat recipes this is easy because I am building up a library in line with what works for my family

🍪 Not have too many ingredients

🍪 Show me the final product – in case I messed it up. LOL

🍪 Have a neat, simple and interactive APP interface


Where technology and cooking is heading


Cooking technology will evolve to way more than APPS in the near future and Mom’s will be demanding Moley for upcoming Mother’s days. This means you had better start saving to make Moley a reality. What do you need to know about Moley:


🍚 Cost –  Moley is priced at $15 000  which is about  R195 000 at the time of writing this Blog.


🍚 Automation – How Moley works? – Moley is a robot that has been designed to automate cooking. Moley uses hands with multi-joints and tactile sensors that mimic the movements of a human in the kitchen and it can even clean up the stove!

🍚  Functionality –  Moley can download a recipe and duplicate recipes as any trained chef would (2 000 recipes to be exact). Installed in Moley are a range of different recipes cooked by famous chefs from all over the world that any proud tech Mom (or Dad) could own and access remotely.

Check it out this for yourself. Absolutely mindblowing (video source – YouTube_


With Technology like Moley, Mom’s won’t need to fuss as much about dinner prep. She’ll simply set up the cooking station before leaving for work, instruct Moley to start dinner from the office and by the time she gets out of that Business Development meeting ….Boom…..beef casserole, jasmine rice, and a green side salad. 

Technology like this is making life so much easier for Moms. So, for the next Mother’s day…don’t get your Mom (or wife) a pair of morning slippers…..rather get her Moley! #Just saying :)

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