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The #NationalVoetsekDay was not a laughing matter

When @eugenekhoza, the funny man with a squeaky laugh, introduced the #NationalVoetsekDay on Twitter on Sunday the 30th of October 2011, he could not imagine the overwhelming response twas gon get.

Looks like Eugene’s friends and followers had quite a lot of steam to let off. This shot the hashtag in2 top 40 trending topics worldwide…

TrendsMap, 30Oct11
TrendsMap on 30Oct11

… and got ppl outside of Mzansi tweeting as well.

#NationalVoetsekDay tweeted outside ZA as well
TrendsMap, 30Oct11

This # trended better than the breaking sex scandal story of Fikile Mbablula, the Minister of Sports; and the news about Julius Malema’s partying with the rich in Mauritius after leading a march of the poor and unemployed.

TrendsMap South Africa, 30Oct11
TrendsMap South Africa, 30Oct11

Tweet traffic peaked at just over 1 500 by the end of the 30th, but continued into the 31st as some of the tweeps had a bit more offloading, and the fun continued.


A Minimum of 74 000 tweeps were reached…

#NationalVoetsekDay Reach
#NationalVoetsekDay Reach

…and this was assisted by the high level of retweeting, as shown by the top 50 word frequency analysis, using TagCrowd.

#NationalVoetsekDay Cloud
Top 50 Word Frequency Cloud

What was said? Well, everything there was to vent about. Here’s my pick:

#NationalVoetsekDay Tweets
#NationalVoetsekDay Tweets (click on image to enlarge)

The spike in @eugernekhoza’s latest Klout score clearly indicates that #NationalVoetsekDay increased his social influence.

Klout Score
Klout Score

While I do not know what @eugenekhoza’s tweetvalue might have been on the 29th of October, I am certain it was taken up a notch due to the success of @NationalVoetsekDay to the current  R24,565.

I agree with @eugenekhoza’s part of the statement relating to “life of it own…”

Eugene's tweet

I certainly had fun putting this post together. M luking 4wd 2 nxt  yr.

PURPOSE OF THIS POST: Illustration of how a simple idea can become a successful viral campaign. Measurement was  based on various, free (well, almost) social metrics tools.



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