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Armed as I am with a reasonable grasp of technology and my willingness to embrace the outcomes of having a hidden surveillance device in my home,to watch my child’s caregiver or nanny,I decided to go on-line and shop around for the different gadgets available and just how reliable they are as far as my having access to view what’s happening in my home while am away for most of the day,was first priority.This wasn’t hard to find at all.I stumbled upon a wireless “nanny cam” and like most ,this one can be hidden anywhere from a plant to a stuffed toy or even mounted in a hidden corner of the playroom somewhere.There are basic ones that offer remote computer access and the more pricey ones for digital systems that send live images via computer or cellphone.(Something am contemplating on buying).eBay is one of the  many on-line sites that sell a variety of gadgets,from a spy DVR smoke detector nanny cam to a motion activated nanny cam. An international retail chain store,Counter Spy shop reported a 25% increase in purchases of these devices over the years.

According to research done, some helpers have indicated that they actually do not mind working under a watchful eye and believe this will create some sort of positive connection with the parents,knowing everything really is as it seems.On the other hand a good number have emphasised they would never work under such conditions regardless of the pay cheque.

Why spend a good amount of money on this?Well because a lot of families have gone through their fare share of “nanny dramas” and like myself,just want that peace of mind and be confident that your  toddler or infant are indeed in good hands.A background check is not always reliable or enough. I suppose I am one of the millions of parents that at some point have hired someone that proved not to be as reliable as suggested in their interview and have learnt a lesson or two not to be too laid back.The question though is would you tell your nanny cam nanny cam

helper/nanny about the surveillance or would you rather she is unaware  in order to have that peace of mind that what youl see on camera good/bad  is actually legit? Could this be considered an invasion of privacy or a parental right?But then again there is a thin line between paranoia and being vigilant. cam article cam article










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