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Dule Hill is an American actor who is popularly known for his character as Charlie Young in The West Wing and also for the oh so hilarious character Gus in the comedy Psych. Dule is not only a successful actor and tap dancer but he is the creative creator behind the social media app MyNomino.

Nomino social media app
The nomino social media app

The social app is an interactive and playful game that test’s your ability to identify images with a certain subject. The app is a platform that engages users in a challenge to indentify the subject of the picture, video or voice recording accompanied by a caption as a clue. Every riddle that has been solved earns the user coins and these coins are redeemable as real prizes and discounts in the Nomino marketplace. The users are able to upload their own pictures and challenge their friends to solve the riddle. The more you post challenges and share them with your followers not only do you gain access to more Nomino coins but you also earn bragging rights.The game also has a photo scavenger hunt challenge where users have to find the image posted, capture a picture and submit it to solve the riddle.

Nomino riddle
The nomino riddle

The app combines riddles with the fun of solving the challenge by adding images, videos and voice recording as part of the challenge. The game is a great way to compete with friends and followers and the riddles are not difficult to solve. However some users argue that the app has a lot of working that still needs to be done, like the integrate ink with Facebook so that they can be able to share with their friends. The Facebook data not being available to post on their walls that they are playing the game and the same Nominos repeating over and over again. Nonetheless the game still receives great reviews and their support team being responsive to the users needs giving them a big thumps up. If you are into solving riddles check out the app, it is available on the App Store on all Android phones and test whether you can master the game and you could challenge your friends and family to see who deserves the bragging rights.

Nomino Scavenger Hunt
The scavenger hunt riddle



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