The top 5 mobile Apps parents should look out for on the kid’s phones

Mobile Apps parents should look out for on the kid’s phones, growing up did you ever think technology would be a bad thing?


When the evolution of technology started, all we could think about was how it was going to make life so much better and more comfortable.

Fast forward to 2018 when parents have to be worried about what their kids are getting up to on the net and social media, there are so many apps out there that make parenting so hard these days but this week when listening to radio 702 and the discussion was the mobile apps that kids nowadays use to do or save inappropriate content such as exchanging nudes, videos, bullying and having random chats with strangers putting them at a high risk of being kidnapped or even killed.

Therefore parents need to understand and keep up with the apps so we can always be in the loop of what our kids are up to, some may call it an invasion of privacy, but I call it saving my kids life.

Here are the five mobile apps that you should look out for.

Befriending your kid on Facebook or following them on Twitter and Instagram is just not enough anymore especially if you are trying to monitor or protect your kid’s from bullying and other online safety hazards.

It isn’t just social networks parent’s should be looking out for but should also check out mobile games, dating apps, and apps that trick or hide app icons on mobiles by our kids or online predators.

Most of these mobile apps seem ideal for kids but actually turn out to be horrific and dangerous.

Read below some of the 5 worst apps to look out for on your kid’s mobiles.


This mobile app looks like a calculator but it not, its primary functions is to store inappropriate pictures such as nudes and serves as a secret vault.


It is a free online chat website that encourages teenagers to chat with total strangers; this is highly dangerous as it can expose them to danger.


This app is designed to allow kids to flirt with each other or with random strangers such as in the adult dating mobile app called Tinder.

This app is dangerous as an adult or pervert can act like a teen and lure them to do inappropriate things.

This app allows kids to ask any random question anonymously and get an answer.

This app rated one of the top apps where bullying is severe.

Hot or Not

Strangers rate each other’s profiles and match each other to go on dates as total strangers which leads to a hookup.

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