Millennial moms are more tech-savvy than previous generations


In this month where we celebrate motherhood, my initial title for this post was:

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Are present-day moms benefiting from digital technology advancements?




Research suggests that there are distinct habits true of [the Millennial] generation. They are certainly more focused on the use of technology and social media than any previous generation.

The insights I gathered from online research lead to refinement of the title with the focus on Millennial moms.


But first…


Who are the Millennials?

According to this Generational Difference Chart, the first year of the birth of Millennials was 1980. Females born in this first year of the current generation are now 27 years old, and it can be assumed that some of them are mothers.


[dropcaps style=” background_color=” underline_height=” underline_color=”]Q[/dropcaps]UESTION: Is technology assisting the Millennials (GenYers) to become better mothers than the previous generations including the GenXers – the generation before them?


Before answering this question, there is a need to gain a broad understanding of Millennials’ techno-savvy habits.


Millennials’ techno-savvy habits

According to Cosmopolitan South Africa’s 2014 research findings,



check a social media site, browse the web, use an app, make a call/text on their phone more than 20 times a day.



use a cell phone/smartphone and PC/desktop/laptop on a daily basis. 22% use these devices, as well as tablet on a daily basis.


59% 55% 27% 26% 25% 21%
Facebook WhatsApp Twitter Youtube Instagram Pinterest

multiple online platforms they actively use.



choose to connect with companies on social media. Convenience, ease of use, and keeping up to date are the main drivers.


spend time online socialising with friends as well as family, learning something new, news updates as well as sharing content.



have a Smartphone.



access social media/web via their cellphone.


And now to the business of this post.


5 things set Millennial moms apart

The Weber Shandwick report shares the following 5 insights about Millennial moms:

Weber Shandwick’s insights confirm my view that technology empowers Millennials with more options than previous generations to become anything they choose, including becoming better mothers.



Do the technology-driven habits of Millennial moms influence how they raise their kids? My colleague Gavaza Mchunu will shed some light in this regard in her next blog post.


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