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Mercedes-Benz 2014 digital evolution

With the rapidly changing world we live in, it comes as no surprise that even cars have revolutionized our basic transportation experience.

We are way over the A to B mind-set of travelling; our basic needs and digital addictions have created expectations everywhere we go (we are more conscious), and have exceeded the natural A to B model of thinking.

Mercedes has proven to be the innovation leaders in the industry. Their brand is about high performance and has made it a mission to strive for excellence by introducing new “drive technologies” to improve the customer’s transportation experience with over 20 apps on their new 2014 CLA model (digital drivestyle apps), and basic smartphone connectivity via Mercedes-Benz mbrace mobile app, which enables you to lock or unlock your vehicle door with your phone, if you forgot your keys inside your car.

Source: Mercedes-Benz mbrace app (www.itunes.apple.com)
Source: Mercedes-Benz mbrace app (www.itunes.apple.com)

The new 2014 Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class has also introduced Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive which includes a 360° degree camera forming part of the parking package. The camera provides you with visual support when parking and manoeuvring, also in situations of restricted visibility when driving off road. Read more,by clicking here.

All these digital and innovative systems alert the driver of potential hazards that could potentially cause an accident and help prevent them from happening. Mercedes has also teamed with Pebble to create a Mercedes smartwatch. Mercedes enable it’s customers to continue their digital lifestyle by bringing internet into the car, or using a smartphone to connect to the car. The beauty of this car – design and digital innovation, has even managed to attract and win over a more youthful market.

Have a look at the video below, and check out all the new drive technologies by Mercedes.

[wpvideo rPlBCuhx]



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