Memes to add virality to content

Memes are pictures with an idea, behaviour or style that spread on the internet from one person to the other often within a cultures or piggy banking on a current issue or trend. Im sure we all know them but to be doubly sure I have included picture.


img src="HillaryClinton.gif" alt="HillaryClinton
Dedicated Hillary Clinton Meme Tumblr blog



It got to thinking how can I use this technique to help my client. How can I make their content viral? Which brought me to the question, can memes be used successfully in a campaign?

Tips to bear in mind when using memes effectively for a campaign:

  • Understood by target market and how is something of relevance to them.
  • There is a timeframe or window period so be quick to use current trends
  • Using many social media channel to assist content go viral


One such organisation that has mastered memes is our very own Nandos, playing on the #BoityReaction trend.

img src="Nandos_Meme.gif" alt="Nandos_Meme
Nandos also has a hot naked chick – #BoityReaction trend


Memes are interesting from a content marketing perspective because they tend to go viral: they resonate and gain momentum and exposure. When used correctly memes can make client’s product and service viral. Yes, memes used successfully in a campaign and make the brand or product memorable and give it a personal touch.


To catch the wave or to get some inspiration visit Brilliant Ads and Za Meme.





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