#Mandela’s record-breaking Twitter mentions add to his many firsts

To quote Desmond Tutu, Nelson Mandela is one of a few individuals whose lives are/were celebrated while still alive. Let me use Twitter stats to illustrate how big Nelson Mandela is, the whole world round.

“Mandela” mentions – Last 7 days

<img src="Mandela_Mentions_14_21_July_2013.png" alt="Mandela Mentions: 14-21 July 2013">
“Mandela” Mentions: 14-21 July 2013. Source: TopsyPro 

In just 1 week, there were more than half a million “Mandela” mentions on Twitter. On his birthday alone, Mandela got more than 330K mentions – translating into 4 tweets a second! This puts the first president of democratic South Africa among the most mentioned persons of African descent ever.  

Top “Mandela” influencers

Here are 6 of the top tweets that wished tata  – father in Xhosa language – a happy birthday, confirming his continued global influence that cuts across all walks of life.

<img src="Mandela_Top_Tweets_July_2013.png" alt="Mandela Top Tweets: July 2013">
Mandela Top Tweets: July 2013 (click on image to enlarge)

Long live, Rolihlahla. Long live!


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