Macufe 2012 social networking provides great insights

My company, eNitiate Integrated Solutions, has been involved in Macufe – an annual 10-day arts and culture event which attracts over 170 000 revelers from the whole of South Africa, the African continent and the rest of the world – for the last 3 years. We provide relevant content about the event on main social networks under the userid FriendsofMacufe. Macufe 2012 ended on October 14th, and our social networking was worth all the effort that went into effective planning and flawless execution.

In this post, I share with you Facebook and Twitter highlights based on our social analytics relating to this event. Data used in the analytics were drawn on October 17.

Facebook Insights (based on 28 days to 17 October):

Source: Facebook Insights

As shown in the Graph 1 below, indicators for all the key measures were positive.

<img src="Macufe_2012_Facebook_Overview.png" alt="Macufe 2012 Facebook Overview">
Graph 1: Macufe 2012 Facebook Overview

FriendsofMacufe fan page was created in July 2011 (previously we used a Facebook group). There were 2 375 fans as at the 17th of October. Despite the small number of fans, our content reached an an increasingly large number of people leading up to the event, and in the last 7 days to 17 October 50 180 Facebookers saw our posts. I shall expand on this measure shortly.

The bulk of new fans for FriendsofMacufe used mobile devices to LIKE the Facebook page. We anticipate this number is going to be higher next year, as mobile devices become the standard for accessing the Internet in Mzansi.

<img src="Macufe_2012_Sources_of_Likes.png" alt="Macufe 2012 Sources of Likes">
Graph 2: Macufe 2012 Sources of Likes

Results of Graph 2 are not surprising,  and this is backed by a post I wrote in May 2012 that indicated BlackBerry is the main device used by South African social netizens. I anticipate LIKES from mobile devices are going to be higher next year, as this becomes the standard for accessing the Internet in Mzansi.

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“People talking about” (alternatively called Viral Reach) FriendsofMacufe’s content played a major role in driving Total Reach, as illustrated in Graph 1.

<img src="Macufe_2012_Viral_Reach.png" alt="Macufe 2012 Viral Reach">
Graph 3: Macufe 2012 Reach (click on the image to enlarge)

Viral Reach was the main contributor to Total Reach (A). Of the Viral Reach categories shown in graphs C to E, it is clear that “Posts by Others” – defined as the number of unique people who created a story about FriendsofMacufe page  – was the star (E). This is an indicator of how valuable our page was to both individuals and other fan pages due to great content we posted, and this resulted in the creation of own stories.

Table 1 shows The top 10 FriendsofMacufe posts with highest Total Reach.

<img src="Macufe_2012_Facebook_Top_10_Reach_All_Post_Types.png" alt="Macufe 2012 Facebook Top 10 Reach All Post Types">
Table 1: Macufe 2012 Facebook Top 10 Reach All Post Types

Of FriendsofMacufe’s top 10 posts with most Reach in Table 4, 8 of them were photo posts and only 2 were text-only posts. Incidentally, the very last photo post as at 17th of October achieved the highest Total Reach. This clearly indicates that experimenting with mixing of types of content is important for improved Total Reach.

There will be more on some of the photo posts under Integration of Facebook and Twitter  Content section below.

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Twitter insights (14 days to 17 Oct):

Source: RetweetRank, TweetLevel

<img src="Macufe_2012_Reach.png" alt="Macufe 2012 Reach">
Graph 4: Macufe 2012 Reach

Twitter’s definition of Reach is the same as Facebook. Impressions is the number of times Twitterers have seen FriendsofMacufe tweets, with some of them having seen the tweets more than once. Reach on Twitter was measured on a day-to-day basis, and the peaking on 10 (Macufe Comedy Night) and 12 October (Divas Concert) was mainly due to interactions relating to the shows on the 2 nights, and fact that FriendsofMacufe is followed by at least 3 influential Twitterers who participated in the two Macufe shows.

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FriendsofMacufe’s Total Reach (= 330 294) was higher on Twitter, mainly due to its influential followers, a fair number of whom are celebrities and online media brands with a combined following of over 200 000 Twitterers…

<img src="Macufe_2012 FriendsofMacufe Tweet.png" alt="Macufe 2012 FriendsofMacufe Tweet">
Image 1: Top 10 FriendsofMacufe Followers

…And some of whom actively interacted with FriendsofMacufe (excuse the misspelling of “retweeters” in Image 2).

<img src="Macufe_2012_FriendsofMacufe_Tweet_2.png" alt="Macufe 2012 FriendsofMacufe Tweet 2">
Image 2: TOp 5 FriendsofMacufe Retweeters

FriendsofMacufe’s Retweet Rate, with an average of 1 retweet for just over two original tweets, indicates that posted content was highly engaging to followers and other Twitterers.

<img src="Macufe_2012_Tweet_vs_RT.png" alt="Macufe 2012 Tweet vs RT">
Graph 5: Macufe 2012 Tweet vs RT

The Retweet Rate depicted in Graph 5 shows that FriendsofMacufe’s content became more valuable closer to the end of Macufe 2012. This handle became the key source of information for its followers, both those who were at the event and  others who could not attend.

<img src="Macufe_2012_FriendsofMacufe_Tweet_2.png" alt="Macufe 2012 FriendsofMacufe Tweet 2">
Image 3: Macufe 2012 Tweet Conversation

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Integration of Facebook and Twitter Content

The debate about whether integration of social networks – specifically with a view to automatic posting on one site (e.g. Twitter) using another (e.g. Facebook) –  is far from being settled (if this will ever happen).

However, we discovered 2 key insights from Macufe 2012 social networking: (a) all the celebs participated in the event, and who are active on social networks, posted related content first and/or exclusively on Twitter – including @Miss_LIRA, @ZonkeMusic, @davidkau1 and @unathimsengana. We selectively  posted some of Twitter content from these celebs on FriendsofMacufe Facebook page, and interest and excitement were generated equally.

<img src="Macufe_2012_Zonke_Tweet.png" alt="Macufe 2012 Zonke Tweet">
Image 4: Zonke Tweet, automatically posted on Facebook

(b) A good number of great photos related to the event were posted on Twitter most often. We selected and posted some of them on the Facebook page, and they proved just as popular.

<img src="Macufe_2012_Transport_Photo.png" alt="Macufe 2012 Transport Photo">
Image 5: Macufe 2012 Transport Photo, extracted from Twitter & posted on Facebook

The key takeout here is that integration of social networks can be done, but good judgment must be exercised to ensure relevance of content to the targeted netizens found on the affected social sites.

Not only Macufe 2012 closed on a high note, so did Friends0fMacufe as well

<img src="Macufe_2012_FriendsofMacufe_Tweet_3.png" alt="Macufe 2012 FriendsofMacufe Tweet3">
Image 6: Macufe 2012 Tweet

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