Macufe 2011 Temperature Check

Macufe 2011 is now behind us. It is time we take a quick review. Please answer the questions below (this poll is now closed, but you are welcome to view the results below). 

Feel free to give us your feedback in the Comment section at the end of this quick survey.

[polldaddy poll=5573992]

[polldaddy poll=5574004]

[polldaddy poll=5574013]

[polldaddy poll=5574022]

[polldaddy poll=5574099]

[polldaddy poll=5574032]

[polldaddy poll=5574045]

[polldaddy poll=5574055]

[polldaddy poll=5574116]

[polldaddy poll=5574109]

Thank you for your avid participation. You can visit this blog post after 1 week to check final results.

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the love.

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