Lewis Hamilton is a champion on social media too – 2nd year in a row

We first published a post on Lewis Hamilton vs Nico Rosberg’s social media performance on the 23rd of November 2014 – the day of the last Formula One race of the year, which was held in Abu Dabhi. As the F1 enthusiasts will remember, Lewis won this race and the hard-fought 2014 Formula One championship.

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Lewis wrapped up the 2105 Formula One championship in the middle of October this year. While the margin between himself and Nico was bigger vs 2014, the competition was just as fierce on the tracks.

We received a request from Kate Green on November 18th to update Lewis and Nico’s social media performance.

Yes, we promised we were going to do so on the same date as we did the year before – 23 November – but on review we felt the timing was not perfect.

In this post, we provide the social media performance update for the 2 F1 drivers – using Twitter as a proxy, 2 days after both were officially awarded championship and runner-up trophies respectively.


1. How the two arch rivals tweet

On average, Lewis is big on sharing pictures, while Nico prefers to share links more. Research shows pictures lead to more engaging social content, as compared to links.


2. Twitter followers and engagement

Lewis Hamilton:


Nico Rosberg:


Lewis has almost thrice as much followers as Nico. Growths since 2014 were – 20% for the champion and 29% for his runner-up.  Clearly, Lewis loves being on Twitter (ACTIVITY), and his followers love him back (POPULARITY and RESPONSIVENESS). Both drivers grew Replies dramatically since 2014.


3. Social media share of voice – last 9 days


Source: Crimson hexagon

Using the last 9 days’ worth of social mentions as a sample, Lewis has 4 times the share of voice. This is in line with the high engagement levels shown in the previous 2 figures.


4. Klout Score

There is not much change in Klout scores of the two F1 drivers since 2014.



Lewis Hamilton continues to be ahead of Nico Rosberg on social media. The love that Lewis receives is fuelled by his active use of social media, and higher percentage of images.



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