Learn from the Kardashian’s how to optimize your brand

When it comes to social media, what people say about you gets to validate or tarnish your personal brand. We need to realize that there are no 2 identities (offline and online) anymore. We need to be more cognisant when we are online.

We need to be more deliberate in crafting our brand.


Before you start posting ways, ask yourself some few questions: what is my passionate and what type of online persona do you want like to build. Be focused and make sure your social media content reinforces your passions, goals and objectives. I take on social platform to show off. I love posting the odd meal every now and again. We are human being and not mere machines.


Here are 4 tips to create a healthy brand, let’s see how celebrities are taking to the social pages to enhance their brands.

Tip 1: Making Themselves More Relevant

Khloe, former supporter of PETA
Khloe Kardashian, a former supporter of PETA campaign, after 5 years she made this time around she made a rather bold statement against, wearing fur painted “F#$k Yo Fur”.


Tip 2: They promote their business 

KimK sends invite online

The Kardashian sisters do this all the time and take on to social media to promote their dash store.


Tip 3: Respond to Followers

Celeb respond to fan on social netwrok
Wale responded to a fan being critical of his current album via Instagram. And took the opportunity to highlight his objective when creating various music.


Tip 4: Add value to the fans

Beyonce uses Instagram to launch album
Beyonce acknowledges the power of social media and took to Instagram at midnight on Friday, 13 Dec 2013 to post a trailer for the new project featuring 14 songs and 17 videos.


Make yourself more relevant, by analysing a particular topic from the newspaper. Promote an organization close to your heart by RT or like or share their news or activities. Respond to followers, monitor feedback and respond, a very simple rule of engagement.  Add value to your followers, highlight what you have learnt this week, you will be surprise at the vast amount of knowledge you have that people will treasure.


Drive a weekly content schedule on social networks and do an observation on Vizify.



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