Latest eNitiate Website traffic report: ROI matters

eNitiate Website Traffic ROI | Oct 2020

In this eNsight, I review ROI of eNitiate Website traffic, based on the completion of 6 specific actions – called goals – by the visitors to our site.

All the data that I use for the review comes from Google Analytics.

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About this eNitiate Website performance analysis series

We took the decision in our 11th anniversary month – November 2019, to actively improve the performance of our Website, an important channel for eNitiate given our content marketing focus that has been pursued since October 2009

The key performance areas that we aim to improve are (1) quality of our Web content, (2) discoverability on search engines, and (3) user experience. 

This is the 8th detailed account of eNitiate Web performance analysis, and the third published quarterly report, is since November 2019.

Key insights from the published Web performance reports to date:

Here below are summary key insights from the published reports in this series.

November 2019 review

The key insight was that our eNsights are read by geographically diverse market. 

Thus, our content development approach should have a broad appeal, or at least make a consideration for readers beyond the African borders.

April series (5 eNsights in total): 12-day SEO challenge

The key insight was that the desired SEO improvements are not a once-off event.

Thus, we must closely monitor the performance of the eNitiate site on an ongoing basis, and effect continuous improvements as required.

Quarter 1 of 2020 review

The key insight was that eNsights, alternatively called blogs, have been playing an increasingly important role in increased traffic to the Website, a large portion of which has increasingly been coming from the organic search channel.  

Quarter 2 of 2020 review

The key insight was that analysis of performance of the top 10 Web pages provides refined learnings that can be converted into actionable tasks more effectively, as compared to analysis of only the aggregate Web data.

The findings and insights of the published Web performance review reports to date have led to implementation of improvements – some big and some small – in line with the identified 3 key performance areas.

Recap of eNitiate Website performance indicators

Two of the big improvements thus far have been the revision of key Web performance metrics and goals, which were revealed in the Quarter 2 report.

Here they are:

The revised metrics and goals above are central to my latest review of the eNitiate Website’s performance for the first 9 months of this year, the results of which I share in the rest of this eNsight.

Here we go.

1. Overall Website performance for the January to September

Building on the review report from Quarter 2, here are the graphs of overall Web traffic growths and contributions for the period January to September:


The overall performance of the eNitiate Website continues to show that improvements that have been effected since November 2019 are bearing fruit.

In addition, findings and insights to be shared in the rest of this eNsight will show that this is an ongoing process, partly necessitated by ever-changing Web technology, digital content consumption trends and a never-static combination of effective, creative and exploratory content development approach.

2. Detailed Website performance review

2.1. Growths and contributions by sources of visitor traffic

Here are the graphs of growths and contributions of the different channels that are the sources of eNitiate Web traffic:


Contribution to traffic from the organic search channel (Graph 3) has almost doubled over the 3 quarters to date, thanks to robust growth of almost 200% during all the 3 quarters (Graph 4). 

Clearly, this channel was the primary driver of the overall growth of 56% for the period under review (Graph 1). 

Contribution by the direct channel, made up of mainly WhatsApp, also grew. 

WhatsApp is becoming an increasingly valuable platform for eNitiate Web traffic.

[DIRECT] in theory is the people who have typed in the URL directly to their browser, but in reality, it means anyone who arrives at the site from a source that cannot be tracked. The source of this traffic is generally links that have been sent to friends/colleagues and then copied and pasted into web browsers. Traffic of this kind is generally referred to as ‘dark social’. A general rule of thumb is that for every three people reaching your site via social, a further 7 will be arriving from ‘dark social’, which will appear as direct.

1 in 10 visitors comes from social networks.

Contribution to traffic from this source declined by more than half, and this is not good news.

The paid media (display and paid search) was used in 2019 to boost Web traffic, but this channel has not been used at all in 2020 to date.

2.2. Growths by devices

eNitiate | Web Quarterly Traffic | Devices - Growths | Oct 2020-2
Graph 5


The average growth in visitors to the eNitiate Website for the Q1-Q3 period (GREEN bar in Graph 5) has been driven by the mobile device performance.

Decline in Q3 visitor traffic growth happened across all the 3 devices. 

As Graph 6 below shows, the tablet’s contribution to visitor traffic is very small.

Thus, the impact of this device’s growth is negligible. 

2.3. Contributions by devices - Jan to Sep 2020

Let us dig deeper for more refined findings related to devices used to access the eNitiate Website:


Star performers that have been driving traffic to the eNitiate Website are organic search channel and the mobile device. 

Given that desktop is the main device for organic search while mobile device drives social media traffic, a healthy balance from these two devices is ideal. 

Performance of social media channel is a concern, and it requires putting in place a plan is to reverse the decline going forward.

3. Review of Top 10 pages

3.1. Performance of Top 10 pages by views

Below is a table of the top 10 Web pages by number of views for the period Jan to Sep 2020.  

Reading this eNsight on your mobile device? 

You can either view the table below in landscape format, or tap on it and scroll horizontally, so that you can see all the columns.

Column descriptions, findings and Insights:

3.2. Quarterly contributions

The role of top 10 pages in the improved performance of the eNitiate Website is amplified by the results of their average contributions to Pageviews and Entrances, as displayed in Graph 9.

eNitiate Website Traffic ROI | Contributions - Pageviews and Site Entrances | Oct 2020-1
Graph 9


Without doubt, improvement effort should be focused on the top 10 pages and not the all the more than 550 pages of the site. 

4. Review of goal completions

Review of the performance of the 6 eNitiate Website goals that we track is the theme of this eNsight.

Description of each of the 6 goals, which are denoted by numbers in this section, can be found in the Recap section above. 

NOTEA goal is regarded as completed when the desired call-to-action was undertaken during a visit.

Here are the 5 graphs with the relevant results:


Accordion to Wordstream, average Website landing page conversion rates range between 2.35% and 5.31%.

eNitiate Website’s average landing conversion rate (Graph 9) of 3.04% is within the range. 

However, results of goal conversion rates of top 10 sources/media (Graph 12) and top 10 pages (Graph 13) show that there is an opportunity for improving the average conversion rate, especially of the latter. 

Key takeaways and future focus areas

There is a need to conduct deeper analysis of the eNitiate Website for improvement of goal conversion rates, guided by the 10 pages results found  in Graph 13.

Results will be shared in Q4 report in this series.

In addition, we will continue to monitor performance of the site across the identified key performance indicators for continuous improvement.

Here is a bonus eNsight, coming out of this series:

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