Khuli Chana parody too dry for Distell

I have always loved parody at all times. It is a great way to discuss serious or complex issue in a manner that everybody can understand or bring attention current events. The King of the Game has always been Nando’s creative advertising concepts but this time around @SABCToo (An SABC parody Twitter account) took the cup.

I have always been one to advocate responsible communication on social networks. But every now and again I get caught up too.  We just installed cameras in our office and I had a laugh at Vavi’s expense.


We all know of the recent events around Khuli Chana been shot by the police on the 28 October 2013. @SABCToo posted a Hunter Dry poster playing on the Khuli Chana shooting the following day.

Response preview to Hunters poster on @SABCToo Twitter account: 183 Retweets & 23 Favourates
Distell mentions that they did not create the advert
Distell mentions that they did not create the advert

After assessing the comments to the poster, I concluded that if I was the Marketing Manager at Distell I would silently ride the wave. By responding to the post and the comments and they are adding fuel to the fire.

Just to support my comments please see below response to more reaction.

Distell's legal letter response to parody poster issue
Distell’s legal letter response to parody poster issue – Source @SABCTOO
The joke on Distell again
The joke on Distell

What do you think of the advert? Do you think Distell should lighten up? Or is their brand being tarnished?



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