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Keeping Up With The eNitiaters is based on the events that the eNitiaters (our team) worked at and attended in the year 2017.

GEC (Global Entrepreneurship Congress) 2017

In March 2017, we were working at the GEC, and we had volunteers who did an incredible job of running the social media pages of the congress.


We chose three top volunteers who had done an exceptional job, and one of them is now part of the team as a Digital Copywriter.



[And she did, the top three volunteers got the cool gadgets they used to work.]

The volunteers were awarded a certificate, to thank them for the job well done.


WEF (World Economic Forum) Africa 2017

In May 2017, we were at the WEF Africa, and it was a beautiful experience, even our Chief eNitiater Bra Willy Seyame was too stunned to hide it.


702 WalkTheTalk 2017

In July 2017, one cold winter morning we walked for the charity with 702 WalkTheTalk and what fun and exercise we had.

Takuwani Riime

In November 2017, we worked on a unique project which was a march in Cape Town against gender-based violence; Takuwani Riime which means ‘Let’s Stand Together.’

We believe in youth empowerment, so we did it again, we had an opportunity for the youth of Cape Town to be part of the social media team for the march. Even if we say so ourselves, they had a good time.


KR’s Birthday Celebration

Our Platform Developer, Keletso Rabalao celebrated his birthday on the 19th of November while in Cape Town. So we had had a celebration.


That’s it on today’s ‘episode’ of Keeping Up With The eNitiaters, see you next time!

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