Jessica Leandra dos Santos has become an example of how not to use social networks

I am certain that Jessica Leandra dos Santos could not imagine what was going to follow from her ill-considered tweet, posted on the 3rd of May, where she used the word “kaffir” in her rant about some Black man who apparently committed an act of sexual harassment against her in an unnamed Spar retail outlet.

This tweet generated over 5 000 responses from a combination of related keywords – “kaffir”, “racist tweet” and “FHM model”.

As can be imagined in the still deeply divided South African society; there were many responses denouncing her, while a few others supported her. Some provided a different perspective, shown in this blog.

See screen shots of 5 responding tweets that got most tongues wagging, below. Be warned that the content of these tweets is not edited, and unfortunately one of them uses fairly crude language:

Most RT'd response to K-word tweet
Most RT’d response to K-word tweet
2nd most RT'd response to K-word tweet
2nd most RT’d response to K-word tweet
3rd most RT'd response to K-word tweet
3rd most RT’d response to K-word tweet
4th most RT'd response to K-word tweet
4th most RT’d response to K-word tweet
4th most RT'd response to K-word tweet
5th most RT’d response to K-word tweet

Two Twitter usual suspects – DJFresh and KhayaDlanga – weighed in on the matter, and their followers joined in the fray. As the FHM tweet above shows, Jessica’s 140 characters of fame on Twitter lost her a modeling deal. You can read more about  the aftermath of this K-word tweet here.

Jessica Leandra dos Santos to read about how Social media are blurring the line between private and professional lives 

There is a clear lesson here. Think, before you even begin to say anything on social networks. Better yet, stay away when you are in a moment of rage. Taking back the 140 characters after posting them may be too late, as Jessica has now come to learn (ouch!).


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