It has nothing to do with masculinity

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Society has planted ideas of how and who should do what.The roles between women and men have labels that tend to limit one gender over the other.Yes there are things we cannot change about nature,but others have got nothing to do with gender,like the type of career on chooses in their life.I am not jotting this blaming anyone for the ideas they have on gender,however I am posing a challenge for society to be open minded about things,as whether we like it or not other people are leading in their perceptions while we remain in the past.

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Women empowerment

As the world changes we realize that ways of doing things change too,it is a battle we will not win and a fight pointless to fight.The role of women have changed over the years and the digital world is no different.Women have taken a seat on the digital world and that is not about to change.They are trying to show that we are way past the era of when women were only known to be homemakers and the era of when women were encouraged to be teachers and nurses.What about science?Why not encourage women to follow the science route as it requires no hard labor nor any physique?Moreso the digital world,there is nothing to heavy about doing digital marketing or running a business online,where is the courage in limiting women to certain things and not allow them to do others?These are questions that I would love each and everyone of you to think about. Women across the world have taken a leap by creating an annual conference that brings about scholars and experts together to encourage each other to take part in the ever so growing digital world.To read more about the conference visit

Leap of faith

Furthermore Microsoft has taken a leap to encourage girls this year to consider the digital space as a possible career path,as they believe that the digital space is an equal opportunity for everyone despite of their gender or physique.Visit this is a great initiative to empower women to have seats in more industries than before.

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Women of substance

Women of substance are those who do not limit themselves to thoughts of others.They believe they are capable and within right to can achieve anything they set their minds to.And they do not always look an masculity as a limiting factor.Lets face it,how many careers in the digital space require masculinity?Close to none.


As this is my last blog for the month of women,let be say thank you to every woman who continues to prove that masculinity is not everything.It is through you that girls will learn to dream big and boys stop to limit.Keep up the great work.

“Wa thinta abafazi,wa thinta imbokodo-you strike women,you strike a rock”

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