Is your brand #instafamous?

Instagram has seen significant success since it’s initial release in 2010. The social media platform allows users to share moments of their lives in form of short video clips and images and also allows people to enhance images to improve the picture quality. When it comes to social media, users always find more than one way to find extra creative ways to take advantage of the social media platform.

When your account is authentically structured, you will most likely gain a huge following and people will re-post your images and videos leading to more exposure for a brand, an added advantage because campaigns then have the ability to go viral if they are properly and tastefully done. In this blog I will explore some of the best ways that ordinary people have been able to use to expose their talents on Instagram.

Zach King



A person who’s famous on the popular app Instagram because they have thousands of followers (UrbanDictionary). We saw a rise in the number of people who have turned their accounts into popular pages that have gained thousands of followers in a short space of time. More and more users have discovered the power of Instagram and how the platform can help to launch personal brands. Outrageous creativity such as broadcasting yourself to fame in a 15 second clip, has become a trendy tact. The pressure of crafting a video that can be effective enough to catch people’s attention and creating a call to action that will prompt them to share or re-post your video, is what most are going for. Click on the picture to view the video below.


Zach 2


Zach King is one such insta-famous personality, who had already conquered YouTube with his witty ways of transforming the way film has been edited over the years. When I first encountered Zach’s account I thought he was performing magical tricks but only to find out that he found a way to manipulate the way we see things as human beings. He has 600 posts on Instagram (what a commitment right?) all of which are creative in their own right. He has proven that Instagram is more than just about posting images and videos. He has mastered the art of manipulating the difference between what seems to be real and what involves a lot of editing.




Jade Novah is a sensational musician who is known for impersonating artist’s music videos and interpreting them in her own creative way. Jade’s videos on Instagram are unique because she has been able to sing in different voice types and is able to bring them together to create beautiful harmony. In her videos you can see one ear piece that allows her to listen to herself in her different voice types. She also incorporates humor in some of her videos by using prompts that resonates with the type of music she is singing in the video. She has been able to attract attention with these videos and had people talking  and re-posting her videos. Click on the picture to view the video.


Jade 2


Instagram is definitely the tool to make use of for any sort of campaign. The trick is to understand how you can use it to its full capacity. Come up with ideas that might spark or inspire your followers to engage or react to your message. What I love about Jade and Zach is that they were able to identify what they do well and make great strides in getting people to love what they do with their creative videos. It is not easy creating something that everyone could possibly negatively criticise or make people want to watch again, but these two artists have been able to do it well. They keep people in suspense and on edge waiting anxiously for what the next creative thing will be. The important thing  here is getting people hooked the first time and consistently delivering the same level of work.




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