Introducing: The Raspberry Pi and 4 cool things you can do with it

Firstly, a Raspberry Pi is a really small and relatively cheap computer that is, famously, the size of a bank card. It is produced by The Raspberry Pi Foundation and offers good performance for the size and price. They’re also available in South Africa. You can get yourself one on something like Takealot.

The Raspberry Pi is excellent for a number of tasks both personal and commercial. The most obvious and, perhaps even, basic being as a really cheap work station. But the creative mind can use it for much more than that.

Here are some of the coolest that people have already tried.

You can make it into a home theatre system and hook it up to streaming services and such

With a few other purchases and a bit more understanding, you could build your own smart mirror!

If you are really technically inclined and are up for the time and effort spent, you can automate your entire house. You may need a substitute for Alexa though.

And now, the best thing you could ever build with a Raspberry Pi. An ARCADE MACHINE!!!

You can visit the Raspberry Pi website for more on the Pi itself or other types of projects you can do with it. Or simply see how creatively you can use this great device.

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