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About population stats in Africa

Have you wondered which are the 10 most populous countries in Africa, or which ones are the 10 smallest nations on the continent? We provide answers in this post, using 2015 Internet World Stats as our source.


Interactive African map

Hover on the African map below to see population stats of the different countries.

Lighter Colours – countries with smallest populations
Darker Colours – countries with largest populations



10 Smallest African Countries

Country Popultion
Saint Helena 4,513
Seychelles 92,430
Sao Tome & Principe 194,006
Mayotte 220,300
Cape Verde 545,993
Western Sahara 554,795
Equatorial Guinea 740,743
Comoros 780,971
Djibouti 828,324
Reunion Island 867,687

10 Largest African Countries

Country Population
Nigeria 181,562,056
Ethiopia 99,465,819
Egypt 88,487,396
D.R. Congo 79,375,136
South Africa 54,777,809
Tanzania 51,045,882
Kenya 45,925,301
Algeria 39,542,166
Uganda 37,101,745
Sudan 36,108,853


Saint Helena has the smallest population of all the #African countries!
Tweet: Saint Helena has the smallest population of all the #African countries: via @The_eNitiaters


Do you see any patterns in the population sizes, be they based on location on the continent, language, politics, economy, religion, etc?

Feel free to comment here below.


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