Infographic: Analysis of #TED2019 tweets

#TED2019 took place 15-19 April 2019 in Vancouver. We curated and analysed 26 349 tweets related to the event, as ideas worth spreading were being shared.

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The following metrics were used for the analysis:

  • ✅ Distribution of the tweets;
  • ✅ Contributors;
  • ✅ Reach;
  • ✅ Exposure: number of times the tweets were seen; and
  • ✅ Related hashtags that were mentioned in the #TED2019 tweets.

Here is an interactive infographic of the results:




Oh yes, we have a long-standing relationship with TEDx, dating back to 2012.

We also attended TED 2017 in Arusha, an experience that we will cherish for a long time.

This year we are taking it to the next level, with our partnership with TEDxJohannesburg.

Did you know TEDx is celebrating 10 years in 2019?

Soon we will confirm our involvement in TEDx 10-year celebrations in line with our partnership with TEDxJohannesburg.


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