How important is social media engagement?

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What is social media engagement

Social media engagement measures the public shares, likes and comments for one’s social media page, it’s also about how you use digital platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Blogs to build a great customer experience. In a nutshell, social media engagement is the involvement, interaction and influence an individual has with a brand over time.


Reasons for social media engagement

It is important for a business or brand to decide to engage with your consumers/followers on social media, every great relationship is built on trust and communication. In order to have great communication, a brand needs to have open and honest conversations, and in most cases the first step should be taken by the brand by initiating the engagement.

This will allow the brand to have some sort of control on the direction of the communication and content concerning the brand. 

When engaging with consumers one needs to be honest, make sure you are completely transparent especially because the followers are engaging as they trust your brand to address their issues and also believe most of the information/content that you share with them. By being authentic one is building a trusting relationship.

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One can also build their brand through engagement, one can start to unpack and deeply understand the needs of their consumers and attend to them, by answering most of the consumer’s queries within a reasonable time-frame, brands may also close the gap of losing consumers.

As brands engage with consumers more and understanding their needs more, one can then promote their product with messages that feed to consumers on the brand.


Track your engagement statistics

Tracking your social media engagement statistics is very important as brands need to stop assuming their consumers need and attend to the actual needs.

Measurement is very important in any campaign and measuring Reach, Sentiment, Social Media Growth, Volume and Engagement are the five core elements for successful content marketing that speaks to the consumer and ultimately the core objective of the brand or campaign will be reached.

Community management is vital as it manages all social media platforms, it’s core role is engaging and monitoring the netizens on the different social media platforms. It is also the eyes and ears online of latest news and trends that are related to the clients brand or may affect it. 

Utilize your social profile reports to identify top content AND start creating posts you know your audience will love.

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