Impact of Digital data analytics trends

Data analytics (DA) is the process of examining data sets in order to draw conclusions about the information they contain.

The latest trends in social media data analytics uncover how to succeed on social for the longest time with audiences and ways of reaching them.

Data Quality Management

We look at what you need to know for creating share-worthy content, through trends in social media analytics. Analytics is still a challenge for the average internet users, the focus for this has been on making it easier for people to access data and take action in less time, with things like ‘track everything’ and visual recording of events/metrics to set out with the ambition of making analytics data easier to interpret for users.

Data Discovery

Data analytics is about gleaning data insight, Data integration (is the combination of technical and business processes used to combine data from disparate sources into meaningful and valuable information. A complete data integration solution delivers trusted data from various sources) and data preparation ( is the process of collecting, cleaning, and consolidating data into one file or data table, primarily for use in analysis) platforms have become smart enough to plug-and-play data sources, self-repair when errors occur in data pipelines, and even self-manage maintenance or data quality tasks based on knowledge learned from human interactions.

Here are some 2019 Data analytics trends for 2019 are to look at

Increase analytics
Bigger in Data management
Continuous Intelligence
Explainable AI (Artificial Intelligence)
Graph analytics

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