Impact of the Internet on recruitment: role of online personal brand

In tonight’s  #InformUrself Twitterview I invited Paul Byrne of Career Junction for an exploration of the subject.

The session was yet another resounding success.

<img src="3_Oct_12_InformUrself_Twitterview.png" alt="3_Oct_12 InformUrself Twitterview">

3-Oct-12 #informUrself Twitterview2

Great insights were shared by Paul, and other Twitterers who joined in the session.

<img src="career_junction_tweet_3_Oct_12_InformUrself_Twitterview.png" alt="CareerJunction Tweet - 3_Oct_12 InformUrself Twitterview ">

3-Oct-12 #InformUrself Twitterview3

Click here to go to the published Storify post, where I have captured all the insights from the Twitterview.


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