How To Make The Wack Space A Millennial Safe Zone


Title rephrase, ‘How To Make The Work Space A Millennial Safe Zone’. I played on words, for the none millennials reading this ‘wack’ means something that is just plain boring, you can read more about how else you can use the word here. In celebration of Youth Month in South Africa, I hope this helps improve your workspace and keeps both the seniors and juniors happy.

What or who are Millennials?


If you don’t know what or who Millennials are, move out of the rock you’re currently living under…jokes. Millennials are also known as Generation Y, are the generational demographic cohort following Generation X born between the years 1981 and 1996.

Currently, Millennials account for more than 15% of the global labour and by 2025 Millennials will compromise three-quarters of the global workforce. So it advisable that workforces create a Millennial-friendly zone so, I will be sharing a few ways workspaces can do that.



Duh! Tech-savvy is one of the defining characteristics of the millennial generation. Broadband, smartphones, laptops and social media is the norm, and expect instant access to information for millennials.  We are also the first generation to enter the workplace with a better grasp of these key business tools than more senior workers, according to  Huffington Post.  Companies in tune with technology have better chances of attracting and retaining Millennials and well-designed enterprise technology will help Millennials perform better at work. Productivity increases when companies are able to tap into effective apps or software, an example of this is Slack which we just started using as eNitiaters.

Third Spaces


The third space is a place for Millennials and all other workers to gather in a more informal setting. It provides an area for peaceful recharge, small collaborative meetings, or even more casual interactions and relationship building with co-workers. Workers are facing long hours, stress, and feeling tied to their desks, a little fun in the workspace is necessary for the Millennials.

Making A Difference


Millennials are about making the world a better place *ques MJ* so companies that provide opportunities to be involved with good causes at the local level give millennials with kind of satisfaction that comes with making an impact. Companies can find their own way of giving back to the community.



Moving forward in their careers is a priority for Millennials. Millennials like personal interest and constructive feedback and don’t like managers who assign tasks and expect results without interaction. When you invest in relationship building and help them develop their strengths, they feel valued and are more willing to stick around.

Offer scheduling flexibility.


Millennials are mostly attracted to freelancing, but they also want the stability and perks of a full-time job. Smart employers offer a hybrid: stable, full-time employment with flexible schedules and the opportunity to work remotely.

The zeros in the account are not all that matters when it comes to Millennials and their jobs, the work environment and culture is important.  Millennials are the future, and it’s up to companies to meet them on their own terms and adjust to the workflow that keeps them happy and fosters career growth.

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