2019 highlights and trends for Digital Project Management

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Project management is vital because it ensures there’s a proper plan for executing on strategic goals

Here are some highlights and trends of a digital project manager.

Controlling speed & cost heightens project quality

Whether Project Managers take a strict, rigid approach or flexible and conservative way of planning projects, cost and speed remain the most challenging part of Project Management.

According to research, these two avenues have proven to be the most challenging aspects of Project Management.

Companies across the digital space now look to utilising digital collaboration tools as well as the advanced Project Management principles for speedy and cost-effective delivery, which in turn enhances the quality of projects.

Information Overload has a positive impact

In 2019, another trend that will positively influence the quality of work for Project managers is “Big Data”.

This is said to assist by scrutinising project information to readdress the internal processes.

Furthermore, this will help to establish any particular hindrances and remedy them in a more timely manner.


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Lastly, big data aids quality control as well as risk management.

Identifying trends to suit the dynamic customer needs

The digital age has been the most poignant in the marketing industry and has had marketing professionals flourishing in this era.

Like marketers, digital project managers are in the know about researching trends and predispositions of consumers on social media to impact their product expansion awareness.

PMs are also increasingly skilful in SEO concepts, which assist in meeting the fluctuating needs of the consumer.

A Highlight in 2018

 PM certifications losing value

In the past, Project Management certifications have played a significant role across different organisations.

Over the years, this demand for certification and Project Management professionals has dwindled due to its time and cost implications.

Having experts in this field requires time to obtain and master.

The question being asked is whether the skilled and efficient project manager adds the same value as the certified professional.

Sources – Insidebigdata.com, Simplilearn.com

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