Here’s a list of South Africa’s Top 10 Twitterers

According to Fuseware, there are 1,1 million registered Twitterers in South Africa, but up to 60% of them are not tweeting.

Bruce Attridge

Bruce Attridge tops the list of active tweeps by number of followers, as at the 8th of April 2012. The table below shows the country’s Top 10.

South Africa’s Top 10 Twitterers by number of followers

The list, compiled from Twitter Counter, has a good mix of personalities. Here is how it stacks up:

  • 1 Photographer – Bruce Attridge
  • 1 Comedian –  Trevor Noah
  • 4 Media personalities – Gareth Cliff, DJ Fresh, Bonang Matheba and Dineo Ranaka
  • 1 Sport – Soccer World Cup 2014
  • 2 Techies – Nico Baird and Alaa Abd El Fattah
  • 1 Politician – Helen Zille
Some of the personalities in the top 10 may fall into more than one category. Examples are Bruce Attridge – a sport fanatic –  has close to 20% of his tweets made up of pictures according to twtrland; while Bonang Matheba is also an accomplished fashionista who first came to public’s attention owing to her broadcasting roles. In case you wonder, President Jacob Zuma (@SAPresident) is at 12th spot with 105 506 followers, despite a lowly 87 tweets.
Adding of Klout scores – loosely described as a measure of social network influence, as determined by  quality of engagements with followers, and them with their own followers – to the table above changes the Top 10 order.
Top 10 Twitterers with Klout Scores

One discernible insight from ordering of the Top 10 table according to Klout scores is that the three Twitterers with comparatively lower public profiles have lesser influence on Twitter.

As the two tables above show, there tends to be (in)direct relationship between one’s public profile, number of followers and level of influence on Twitter. This is supported by the microblogger’s overall top 10, which is lead by Lady Gaga, is made up of only celebrities and is dominated by musicians.



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  • Diski4Life – a blog about development of South African soccer post World Cup 2010



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