Here is an authoritative Digital South Africa Today 2022 report

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Here is the inaugural annual Digital South Africa Today report. 

The report was compiled by our Founder – Bra Willy Seyama, and the initiative was launched with a live LinkedIn event on Thursday the 21st of April.

In this deck, we demonstrate the key role of Africa in the shaping of global digital trends. 

In addition, we show why South Africa has to be considered as one of the leading digital capitals on the African continent. 

For this purpose, we show results of comparative analyses for key metrics, including:

  • Internet adoption;
  • Internet consumption;
  • social media adoption;
  • social media consumption;
  • correlations between Internet adoption and
    • urbanisation,
    • GDP per capita,
    • mobile broadband speeds, and
    • consumer price of 1GB;
  • Telecoms Maturity Index,
  • ecommerce; and
  • digital advertising. 

The analysed digital data were broken down into 3 main sections – (1) Global, (2) Africa, and (3) South Africa.

We end the report with a prediction of future digital developments in South Africa, based on the following two key events in quarter 1 of 2022 – (1) progress made in the migration of the country’s broadcast signal from analogue to digital spectrum, (2) and the successful public auctioning of the radio frequency spectrum to the 6 qualifying mobile operators – Vodacom, MTN, Telkom, CellC, Rain and Liquid. The auction raised R14.4 billion for the government of South Africa.

The two events above will lead to increasing Internet coverage in remote parts of South Africa, and increasing the momentum in the roll-out of 5G infrastructure.

The intended outcomes of Digital South Africa Today 2022 are: (1) to get decision-makers in the business world to appreciate the richness of available digital data about South Africa; and (2) to encourage them to incorporate the digital data in everyday decisions, not only at strategy development and review stages.

The result of the the intended outcomes is encouraging the decision-makers to focus on improving digital literacy business-wide, to improve digital skills where these are required, and to ensure that businesses improve their digital maturity from analogue to fully digitalised operations.

Find report here below.

Click here to download the full deck.

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