Is #HelloPeter being displaced by socialCRM?

This question could not be more appropriate, given that has been under new ownership since 1 December 2014, after the founder – Peter Cheales – sold it recently.

The idea to blog on this topic was brought about by our discovery that the saga with frogs in Woolies salads, which was reported on Instagram in November, was never reported on based on our analysis. With the most recent Insta pic of a frog in a salad that was also not reported on, we cannot help but ask this pertinent question. We also discussed this question on our Internet radio show called #eNitiateVisualRadio on 3/12/14.

The new owners promised they are going redesign While it sounds like a great idea given this site does not allow for uploading of images by complainers at this stage; one wonders if this is going to make social netizens take the trouble when they canachieve the same result by complaining on the social networks where they already spend time, and possibly get response much quicker in this era of #SocialCRM? Our prediction is that is heading for the digital scrapyard. If this happens, was it the best timeforPeterCheales to cash in beforeits too late?      

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