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Hashtag (#) phenomena

The power of the hashtag (#) has proven to be a tremendously convenient and effective tool. Not only can you join or follow a conversation, but if used strategically it can build campaigns, promote products/ideas or incite a movement. Most companies have even adopted hashtags for online and offline marketing campaigns e.g. television, billboards, vehicle signage/branding etc. The hashtag was officially adopted by Twitter in July 2009, and is now being used on other social platforms like Facebook, Google +, Tumblr and Instagram.

The key to an effective hashtag is relevance (relative to your campaign, area etc.), and if you are strategic enough about it your hashtag will be searchable, you will be able to build an audience and community, generate leads and loyal customers and you will be able to keep track of how well your campaign is doing, read more here. Through mentions and interactions you can also measure your # on hashtracking.com

Some factors to consider when using the hashtag:

Source: www.siliconbeachtraining.co.uk
Source: www.siliconbeachtraining.co.uk



Sources: www.frostbox.com
Sources: www.frostbox.com

The digital space has created massive marketing opportunities for businesses, and those who are still sceptical about the power that social media possesses are missing out on engaging with their consumers in ways you could have never imagined; instantly, effectively and at a super low-cost. Hashtags have proven to be a powerful tool, and can aid your marketing efforts to grow your brand.

Have a look at this short videoclip of Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon to hear what “hashtag abuse” sounds like in the real life, click here.

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