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It is an honor to be closely involved when it comes to decision making where Corporate Social Investment is concerned. Fortunately, eNitiate is one of the organizations that are very passionate about empowering young black people. Socially (Corporate Social Investment) is not just another department or division of work the company does, but it’s very close to the Founder’s heart. We are all for people. This is done through internship programmes where individuals who are studying or are interested in the digital space go through training and have an opportunity to work on great projects to showcase their skills and gain experience through these practical tasks.

Highlights of how eNitiate contributed as part of Socially (Corporate Social Investment):

  • In March 2017 we hired students who were studying in various institutions in Gauteng for an internship programme, their role was to assist with the GEC (Global Entrepreneurial Congress ) event in different digital facilities.



On the image below is feedback from one of the students who were delighted to be part of the internship programme.



Later in November 2017, we were joined by a volunteer from the group who were in the internship programme at the GEC 2017, Phumzile Siyongela, who was appointed as a copywriter. This just shows that these programmes are not in vain, there are possibilities of permanent future employment.


eNitiate Corporate Social Investment


  • In November 2017 eNitiate we had another internship programme for students studying in Cape Town to empower them with digital skills at the Takuwani Riime Men’s March Campaign.

This year we have a three more students who are currently working with us part-time, I would like to refer to it as vacation work. Meet Tebello Seyama who is a currently studying Animation at AFDA and Sizwe Zulu who also studying Animation at City Varsity. 


eNitiate Corporate Social Investment


eNitiate’s doors are always open to new fresh talent from our young people and helping them put into practice the theory they have been taught in varsity. We are looking forward to doing more work and impacting their lives positively. 


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