A note to my president, Mr JZ, on how digital communication can contribute towards improvement of public service delivery

Mr President. I am addressing this article to you in my capacity both as a South African citizen who is passionate about his country and an entrepreneur who would like to propose a digital communication solution that will positively contribute to improvements in public service delivery.

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Macufe 2009 Temperature Check

Macufe 2009 climaxed with a roaring success this past weekend. This arts and culture event, which traditionally happens in October of each year in the heart of Free State, is seeing exponential growth since its humble beginnings 8 years ago. This year, different attendance numbers are being bandied around, from 100 000 to over 140 000 people. Despite lack of agreement on the actual attendance numbers, it was clear that the city of Bloemfontein was bursting at its seams. Certainly, the city’s travel and tourism and retail sectors were doing brisk business as revelers defied recession and travelled from as far afield as the Eastern Cape.

Now, let’s take a temperature check on Macufe 2009. Take part in this quick poll and see how others voted.

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What criteria do global consumer brands use for deciding on regional websites?

While preparing material for my guest presentation to MBA’s of Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS) in May this year, I discovered to my surprise that KFC does not have a South African website! On visiting the brand’s global website I found its content to be irrelevant for the South African market. What adds to the intrigue are facts that clearly indicate that this brand has a strong local presence and Internet savvy consumers.

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