Infographic: Twitter sendoff to Vuyo Mbuli

The keyword – Vuyo Mbuli – received the highest Twitter traffic since Oscar Pistorious in my records. It is clear that the veteran SABC broadcaster, who collapsed on May the 18th while watching a Cheetahs/Reds game and later died in hospital, was a darling of the air waves.

Here is an infographic relating to his tweet mentions.

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From B2B / B2C to P2P

Businesses have had to change their model in order to adapt to the influence of social media / networking. Transactions are no longer limited to 1 of 2 ways i.e. B2B & B2C. History has illustrated that  business was conducted in the following fashion : Transactional : Businesses produced a product or service and the…

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Analysis of 25 influential #tweeps shows that more #Twitter followers = more #fakes

The simple truth about social networks is that we use them predominantly for saying something to someone who is hopefully not only listening, but will also find what we say interesting enough to want to share it with their other friends/followers/fans. In the Twitter context, Twitterers want to have followers who are real, attentive and responsive. The default…

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