#Mandela’s record-breaking Twitter mentions add to his many firsts

To quote Desmond Tutu, Nelson Mandela is one of a few individuals whose lives are/were celebrated while still alive. Let me use Twitter stats to illustrate how big Nelson Mandela is, the whole world round. "Mandela" mentions - Last 7 days In just 1 week, there were more than half a million "Mandela" mentions on Twitter. On his…

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Here is a list of #Twitter newsmakers from #Zuma’s 2013 cabinet reshuffle

Chops, additions and musical chairs There were newsmakers on Twitter, following the cabinet reshuffle announcement by South Africa's first citizen, President Jacob Zuma, on 9 July 2013. For more on the cabinet reshuffle news, click here. The initial newsmaker list was compiled based on the names of outgoing (Tokyo Sexwale, Dina Pule and Richard Baloyi),…

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Infographic: Twitter sendoff to Vuyo Mbuli

The keyword – Vuyo Mbuli – received the highest Twitter traffic since Oscar Pistorious in my records. It is clear that the veteran SABC broadcaster, who collapsed on May the 18th while watching a Cheetahs/Reds game and later died in hospital, was a darling of the air waves.

Here is an infographic relating to his tweet mentions.

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