Employees who focus on building their own #showreels are great assets to their companies

In my recent team meeting I urged eNitiaters to focus on building their individual show reels, to ensure that their careers at this great organisation called eNitiate Integrated Solutions do flourish (^_-).

The concept of a show reel is commonly used in the advertising industry, where all creative heads – including copywriters and graphic designers – ensure that they develop show reels based on advertising campaigns they participate in. This, in essence,  a show reel is a visual cv in other words. Surely, every creative head would love to work on a kick-ass campaign, as this enhances quality of their show reel, and thus career prospects. However, a great campaign takes a certain level of individual brilliance in any team, with a combination thereof leading to results such as have been seen with the Carling Black Label “Be The Coach” campaign, which was launched by Ogilvy Cape Town in 2011 and has become one this advertising agency’s flagships. The revolutionary soccer campaign, about which you can learn more in the video below, has been a hit with soccer fans and the advertising industry alike since launch, scooping many major awards along the way.

I would imagine every creative head serious about their career in the advertising industry would love to be part of a phenomenal success like the one above. But the requirement is that everyone must contribute their own individual brilliance, if this is to be realised and sustained.

The challenge I put to my team is that they have build individual show reels that they can be proud to flaunt if they want their careers to blossom, but this will take individual brilliance, commitment to team effort and consistent delivery.

Are you building a respectable show reel wherever you are, or are you just enjoying the ride but will have nothing to show at the end of it? If you are experiencing the latter, jump off that bus before it is too late. As they say in colloquial speak, time waits for no man. Let me take a poetic licence and put it differently, it’s not about what your company can do for you, but what you can do for yourself while contributing to the success of your company :)


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