Client Service Management Digital Trends 2019

There’s the old adage that cash is the lifeblood of any business enterprise and in order for a business to survive must be able to look after their finances. In running a business something can be said about Clients Service. Any business that failed to look after its existing customers is likely to fail because current clients provide or brings cash for the business to survive. It is very utmost important for any business to go out of their way or beyond a call of duty to make their existing clients happy.

We all know that time can be an issue in meeting all consumer needs, however, we can use technology to mitigate that challenge such as Automation as it is arguably the most significant. If the business pays attention to the needs and wants of its customer base or clientele, it stands a good chance to succeeds and make more money which is the ultimate goal for most businesses.

According to TeamSupport here are 5 clients/customer service trends to watch in 2019,

  1. B2B self-service will become more interactive
    Thanks to an increase in on-demand video content in their personal lives, customers are more frequently asking for the same in the business world. As a result, more companies are doing less telling through text and more showing through interactive guides and customer service video content to get messages across.
  2. Companies are becoming truly proactive
    The days of sitting around waiting for customers to contact you are in the past. Instead, it’s becoming the full responsibility of the company to let their customers know about the problems they have before they even notice. Companies can do this by monitoring the interactions every customer has and assessing/analysing the sentiment behind them. Often referred to as “Customer Health” monitoring” or a similar term, this proactive approach is the difference between good and great customer service.
  3. The rise of “Customer Success”
    More companies are beginning to understand that customer service is more than just reading scripted responses and working on a ticket queue. It’s about doing anything and everything possible so your customers are successful with your business. This mentality is leading to a rise in “Customer Success” within companies that dedicate the time and resources necessary to keep customers happy. The new emphasis on the customer has also led to reduced churn and more positive third-party feedback.
  4. Basic live chat isn’t good enough anymore
    Having an only basic chat on your website was becoming outdated last year and moving into 2019 it’s even worse. Customers increasingly expect chat solutions to be extremely fluid, switching between mediums (text, video, screen sharing) as needed on the fly without being forced to change applications or start over.
  5. AI (Artificial Intelligent) will become less artificial and more a part of “real” customer service teams
    Modern service software now leverages the true power of AI and not gimmicks like simplistic chatbots to lure in customers. These solutions are incorporating AI from the ground up not to stand on its own as a replacement for human agents, but to aid them in working smarter and more efficiently. Examples include sentiment analysis, predictive chat, and distress scoring.
    Team Supports state that, these trends this year relates to using technology to communicate better than ever before with your customers. This means conversing directly and indirectly across different mediums while creating conversations with a high amount of customer knowledge.

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