Digital systems – a customer satisfaction mechanism

The world today

It is evident that in our days and time, technology has taken over how we do our day to day activities. 

From personal, to business or otherwise, the evidence is there. 

Be it the transport systems, communication, banking, daily chores they are now influenced by it. 

It does not take a blind man to see that the most successful companies of the world have the digital systems offering a helping hand to effect growth and efficiency in their companies. 

If they are doing it why can’t you? 

Do you see yourself growing to their level without joining them? 

I must say this has become the “if you cannot beat them join them situation”. 

It’s about time you start living in the future, for the past has less success attached to it.


We all have aspirations in life, to be and become better citizens of the world. 

Companies are no exception, I am certain that 100 percentile of the company owners reading this are in agreement with my statement about the growth aspirations. 

I see a nod here and there. 

The truth is that every business’s primary objective is to make profit which is viewed as success, which is measured by revenue generated. 

At the helm of success is customer satisfaction which without, the primary objective of business existence will become but a dream and never a reality. 

The digital space offers systems which make it easier for customers to be satisfied. 

The banking sector for instance: I will relate it to my own experience (allow me to). In 2007 before the eWallet and machine deposits, I went to the FNB bank and stood in a long queue. 

I was a student then who had stolen a minute to run errands and they went way over the borrowed minute. 

A lady from the bank came and asked me about the waiting period and what I thought about it as they were conducting a market survey. 

I answered that my wait was rather long, they could see that being in long queues was not working. 

They made a way to ensure queues are shorter by implementing instant cash like eWallet, cash deposit machines to avoid long queues and to save time for their customers, which has won them the title of the “most innovative bank in the world”.

“The eWallet service allows customers to send money to anyone in South Africa with a valid mobile phone number. Funds can be transferred instantly, and the recipient receives a text message indicating that funds have been sent to their mobile phone.”

Here is a statistic overview of how digital implementation has helped FNB: 

<img src=

The Picture above is proof that you can do banking anywhere using your mobile devices (laptops, cellphones etc), there is no need to go to branches and queue while other things in your life need your attention.

The success of every business is invested in the systems they have implemented for efficiency and customer satisfaction, as that in itself gives you competitive advantage over others.

No profits will be directed to a company if there is no customers, and customers are driven by delivery and efficiency.

In this world of today, time is of essence and if you can save it for customers, you have a platinum card in your business.

Benefits of customer satisfaction

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  • Loyalty
  • Profits
  • Competitive advantage
  • Growth
  • Success
High customer satisfaction generates greater returns. Click here to read more.

The innovative hubs of the world are developing systems which can assist in the growth of every business.

The taste of success is in front of your eyes, all that is needed is an accepting heart and a will to dive and try new things.

Digital systems have thus far been the contributors of success in a lot of companies as they offer efficiency and relay growth, which really is all the direction that every business needs to be going .

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‘Sometimes it is important to follow others if what they are doing breeds success’ –Lesedi Mamabolo (Financial Health eNitiater)

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