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As we sat down to discuss the theme for the month of March at eNitiate, we agreed to it being Human Rights month as we celebrate human rights on the 21st of the month in honour of Sharpeville massacre that took place in 1960. I found it fitting that I explore one of the fundamental needs of human beings – and that is “survival”, which encompasses the basic needs like food, water, education, shelter and that can be summed in one word “money”.


What is money to a human being?


Money is simply a means of survival for every individual on planet earth. Working in the digital space, let me give you ways of how to make money digitally. A lot of people are always online these days; either chatting, posting, and surfing for research or fun. Every time we surf the internet, there is always a pop-up on either our social media or on a website we are on. In most cases those give ideas of how you can make money online. However often we just look at them as irritating pop-ups not worthy of our seconds and minutes.


Make extra cash

Well, today let me give you an idea of how to make an extra dollar online .It is as easy as A, B and C. All you need is a computer and data, and you are ready to go.


Where do you start?:

  • Firstly you need do thorough research about where you passion lies. Is it on social media? On Witting? On Analytics? On Marketing?.
  • Once you have established that, you need to decide on which platform to use.
  • Then have a plan on how to start and what the end goal is.


Blogging as a way of making an extra dollar


I will do a follow-up article to explore ways of making money online. Today I will focus on blogging as a means of making money. If your passion lies in writing and informing other people about things, then why not earn money while doing it? Blogging is a way of sharing ideas to inform, empower and uplift other people; it has no standardised way of how it should be done. It can be in pictures or words, it’s all up to you.

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Click here to expand your knowledge about blogging


All you need to do is have an idea of what you want your blog to be focus on. The focus area is your ticket of making that extra dollar.

The biggest question I assume is how do we earn money from blogging. As I mentioned in the above paragraph, it all depends on your content and market. If you are a fashion blogger, for instance, you can make money by partnering with fashion outlets to advertise or write about their brands on your blog and get paid for it. Click here to read more on

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Click here to read more about how to make money from blogging


Biggest aspect you need to have are the numbers – every business that is to pay for publicity needs to be assured that there is a following (some heads who will not only read, but will potentially buy).


As I step out

It is fulfilling to earn money while doing what you are passionate about. Go on and try it, and increase the zero’s in your bank account.

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