Why the digital generation is adopting a DIY culture

My primary thoughts about culture have always been tradition, religion, clothing and language.

But I was wrong because as I sat down to write this blog, I discovered a new meaning to culture – the arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively.

Everywhere in the world are so many cultures, and they provide a sense of affiliation and belonging, which distinguish human beings by race, language, the way they dress and country which they originate from.

When I consider South Africa alone, there are so many many languages, clans and sub-cultures.

DIY platforms and tools for accounting


One of the continent’s own, South Africa, celebrates Heritage Day in September.

The digital space has created ‘the illusion of competency”, with almost every business thinking they don’t need accountants because they use platforms like Youtube and Google to replace that skill.

This Has created a “DO IT YOURSELF CULTURE”. Be it as it may, you still need the human skill to operate the systems and process transactions for you.


Instant Accounting

Instant Accounting  is a free First National Bank accounting system designed for business account holders, most of whom have not even done basic accounting.

They have webinars or video tutorials which serve as a guide to using the system. Should these ‘accounting newbies’ get stuck, they have a call centre where they query and complain.

So, they have become their own financial managers. On the brighter side of things, it is a cost-saving solution, but it is not good for the accountants who have worked tireless hours studying to be employed.


Google and Youtube

[highlight]Youtube [/highlight] offers  an array of video tutorials on how to process accounting transactions.

It also gives explanations and helps with tools for beginners, which gives them the basic  principles of doing accounting. Furthermore, it offers advanced tutorials to expand on their knowledge once they have upskilled themselves with the basic understanding of accountancy.
[highlight] Google [/highlight] offers accounting tutorials and read ups for beginners,which then equips non-accounting people with the information they need to perform the basic accounting functions.




The DIY culture may have its advantages to business owners, as they get to save costs incurred in hiring accounting personnel.

However, it has disadvantageous to accounting professionals, as jobs are limited and the accounting skill is dying a flagging death.

Although technology improves quite a lot of things, it has come at a high price to the employment seeking pool.


Do you think DIY technology systems can replace human skills?


Did you enjoy this article? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.


Happy Heritage  Day to all South Africans!

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