Digital Content Marketing Trends 2019

In 2019 Content marketing has become even more important to brands to increase reach, brand awareness, engagement and eventually purchase. Content marketing trends should one should be watching so brands can change the marketing strategy.

Authentic, transparent & Valuable Content

Your content needs to be authentic, transparent and valuable and reflect your brand and your company’s mission. This type of content will reach your target audience as you will putting out relatable content. Most consumers say authentic content is key as it contributes or leads to purchasing decisions and also most consumers stay loyal to a brand when the content is transparent as it is seen as a red flag if it is not.

More collaboration between brands

we’re seeing more brands work together to create content of all different varieties. Examples of this is the Jay-Z “Decorded” launch with Droga5 and Bing where the marketing launch of Jay Z’s autobiography turned in to interactive art and a scavenger hunt that rewarded his die-hard fans. The marketing was on billboards, social media, mobile apps, online games that let fan unlock pages of the book and enter to win concert tickets. Another brand to brand collaboration is social media “take-overs” where brands let influencers take over their Instagram/facebook stories to talk about the brand or the brand’s event that they are attending.

Content personalization and interactivity

There is an expectation that sees more personalization taking place across the eCommerce industry and beyond in 2019. Personally relevant content is a determining factor in the purchase decisions of more than 50% of consumers.

Content that has the aim to provide the slightest bit of interactivity enables the brand to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

Customers need to feel important and part of the brand, doing this will increase brand loyality, reach and engagement from their target audiences. The overall aim is to figure out many ways in which to create personalised content by reaching out to customers and engage them in a discussion regarding their recent experiences with your brand.
This will allow your followers and audience to interact with your brand in 2019.  

In conclusion, content marketing has always been about providing authentic, transparent & value to your audience by producing content that is educating and entertaining allowing consumers to trust the brand which will lead to them promoting, purchasing and staying loyal.

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